Since moving house and inheriting my own office, I have been dying to do a bit of decorating and make it my very own inspirational space to work, blog and watch copious amounts of Parks & Recreation. The first place I go to get a bit of inspiration is Pinterest, a wonderland of all things decor. 

I think for an office to serve it's purpose of motivating and and being a place where I can get a lot of work done, it should have a more minimal look. I personally find it impossible to work properly if there is clutter around me. As you can see, it is definitely the minimal look I have gone for. Think white walls, tidy desks, occasional wall art and cute but streamlined desk accessories. 

Hopefully, I will get my painting and decoration hat on very soon and then I will be able to show you what I cam up with and whether it is anything like my inspiration!

It would be fab if you could follow my Pinterest, or if you are interested, my Office Decor board and I will follow you back. Getting on the Pinterest thang lately and my follow count could do with a bit of a boost!

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HOME | Organisation Tips

Since moving out of my parents house and becoming a (sort of) responsible adult, I have felt a huge need to organise my life as much as possible. I've never been a particularly forgetful or careless person but having a lot on my mind with work, blogging, blog design, bills etc. has meant things keep slipping my mind.

I have a few methods which keep me as organised as possible which I will share with you just in case you need a few tips!

Keep Lists

Firstly, and most importantly in my book, is keeping lists. I keep a notepad on my desk at home and at work all the time and if I think of a few things I need to do,

I will write down a little list with tick boxes and leave it in sight until it is done. Sometimes, I will shove it in my pocket so I will find it when I get home and be reminded of all the important things I have to do.

I try to categorise lists as much as possible so I don't end up with a massive daunting list of things which need to be done, as this can really dent my motivation. I will either separate my lists by category (blogging, gatto, work, home) or my date (to be done this week, this month etc.).

If I have a list which has things which can be done over a longer period of time, I will put them up on my wall using washi tape so it is always in sight and I can see what can be done next.

Lots of Notebooks!

Similar to writing lists, I also keep a notebook for every part of my life. My little blogging book (the floral one) is with me at all times and I will note down any post ideas, inspiring blogs I have read or tips I find online. Although it isn't the most tidy notebook in the world, it is organised chaos and I can always find the notes I have made somewhere in the book!

Keeping different books for different things can help control the chaos as you are not frantically searching between pages to find the bills you were supposed to pay or the work you had to do. It means whatever thought you wrote down and need to find, you will know where to look.

Another method which I am hoping to get into soon is a personal organiser. With this you can put everything and anything you like in one place and carry it round if you need to. Things can be organised however is best for you personally and who can resist cute paper clips and post-its! I can't..

File Everything...

Finally, and probably the least exciting, is filing. Again, you are making sure everything has a place and if you need to find something you will know exactly where it is. You don't have to go mad and purchase a full filing cabinet but these expandable folders like the one I have are perfect.

I file all my house paperwork such as council tax, bills, bank statements and my rental agreement in here so I can refer back to things whenever I need to.

These things have really helped me over the past few months to get my head around all the extra things I need to remember and I am definitely more organised now! How do you stay organised?

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OOTD | Always In Black

Crop Top - H&M | Shorts - Topshop | Boots - Office | Sunglasses - Primark

Yes, it's sunny outside and yes, I am wearing mostly black. I'm currently going through a bit of a colour crisis which means I have put myself on a spending ban for black clothes...

On another note, I bloody love this outfit. As a relatively self-conscious person you can generally find me in a baggy dress or belly-concealing skirt so wearing tight high-waisted shorts and a crop top is quite the revelation. So, yeah, my breathing is slightly restricted and I might get a few funny looks but I feel great. And isn't that what fashion is about? Moral of this post: EMBRACE THE BOOTY SHORTS.

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SUNDAY SPILL | On Losing My Job

In quite a few of my posts in the last few months, I have been very vague about 'being really busy' and 'having a lot on' without much of an explanation. In May, my whole life was given an unexpected mix up when I found out that the office I currently work in is going to be relocating to London. Obviously, a massive wave of emotions came over me and I had literally no idea what I was going to do. I don't deal well with change in general, buying a new foundation is a big step for me, so this was something I was definitely not prepared for.

At first, I considered making the move down to the capital and starting a new life. However, considering I had just moved in with my boyfriend and was absolutely not prepared to leave him behind, this didn't end up being a viable option. So then came the inevitable "I am losing my job" freak out. I felt completely lost. I felt like it was my fault and I'd let myself down (although it wasn't my choice) and I had literally no idea what I was going to do next.

Anyone who has involuntarily lost a job will know the feeling I am talking about. Unfortunately, when you complete your education and start life in the working world, a lot of who you are comes from your job. If someone you don't know too well asks what you do, the answer is usually your job. "What do you do now?" "I work in Digital Marketing" etc. I felt like I was losing a part of my identity and had no idea how to fill the gap that it left.

After a few weeks of intense mood swings, crying and feeling like a pubescent teenager all over again I realised I had to make a plan. Was I A) going to look for a similar job in SEO, B) look for something completely different and have a new start, or do I C) just envelop myself in unemployment and sponge off the boyf for a few months so I can re-watch Grey's Anatomy? (this didn't actually sound like a bad choice).

If I'm honest, the jobs I have had in SEO (which started when I finished uni) were never for me. It was great for a while as it paid the bills and I met some lovely people but it was quickly becoming very dull and not at all fulfilling. It was very apparent that the jobs that were easier for me to get would be in SEO, the industry I desperately wanted to avoid. My lack of options was becoming a big weight on my shoulders and I was almost certain that I was going to end up in yet another (my third) job which made me dread the weekdays. This is something I really didn't want to put myself through. That's Option A out of the way.

So, then I had a thought about Option B. I could potentially look for a job in a completely different industry and present myself with a whole new challenge. I don't lack working experience or qualifications so hopefully this should be quite easy? Wrong. I couldn't imagine myself in any other job. The one thing which I would love a job in and have the skills to do is web development, something which I do in my spare time with gatto and which I really enjoy. Can I get a job in web development? Hell. No. Without a web-related degree or any working experience I got turned down for every opportunity I applied for. Goodbye, Option B.

Finally Option C. Well, if we're honest this was never a realistic choice (however much I love Grey's Anatomy). My boyfriend is incredibly supportive and understanding but I could never put that much pressure on him. Also, I genuinely don't know what I would do with that much spare time.

Back to square one...

I finish my current job on the 31st July and will update you on my situation not too long after that. I am in a much better place since the initial struggle and so can now get back blogging! Finally, I have a plan but can't disclose anything until my current employment ends so keep your eyes peeled!

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OOTD | Suede & Stripes

Striped Top - Primark | Cardigan - Primark | Skirt - New Look | Boots - ASOS | Sunglasses - Topshop

I feel like this is the millionth time I have apologised for taking a break from blogging but sometimes it's just necessary. I have so many things going on at the moment I barely remember my own name (there will be updates soon). However, I am currently on a blogging/Grey's Anatomy binge so there will be plenty of posts coming your way!

This skirt was a fab buy from New Look which fit perfectly into my wardrobe. I love suede this summer and was very tempted to buy the dress version of the skirt as well. I think it looks great with this striped top from Primark which I seem to have picked up in three different colours... Maybe I have a shopping problem.

I'm thinking of writing a few more personal posts in the future, is this something you think you would read or skip over? I would love to add a bit more of my personality into my blog as I worry this is sometimes lacking. Maybe I'm just having a bit of a blog crisis!

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