OOTD | Back to School


Blazer - River Island
T-Shirt - Topshop
Skirt - Oasis
Platforms - ASOS
Fedora - Topshop

Unfortunately for me, at school my uniform was bottle green and gold - an unpleasant combination - and since then I have always struggled to wear these colours (probably just me). That is until I found this incredible coat/blazer from River Island. It is soft, a gorgeous texture and really warm so, I can forgive the colour (it's actually very nice when not paired with a stripey golden tie...).

At the moment, my favourite outfit staple is a graphic t-shirt. Usually I'll go for a band tee but I love this cat t-shirt which I got for my birthday (most gifts I receive have some kind of cat vibe). I have also got this beautiful monochrome a-line skirt from Oasis which I would love to wear all the time but it is a bit on the short side (what's an appropriate length for work, anyone?).

Sorry for the scowly face, I was having vampire-like reactions to the sun. 

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MAC - Flat Out Fabulous

Does anyone have that one lip colour that is perfect in every way? A great finish, the best colour for your skin tone and just really wearable? Well this new MAC purchase, MAC Flat Out Fabulous, has been my favourite for the past few weeks. It is actually a replacement for my favourite ever lipstick (a No7 one which I have had since I was about 17 - gross) and is a perfect match - probably even better. 

It is a gorgeous 'bright plum' colour which I think is great for Autumn if you want something a bit different to the ever popular berry lip. It is definitely a stand out shade and the fact it is half way between a bright and dark colour means it can be worn for a day shopping and for a night out. It comes in the Retro Matte finish which, as you may know, can be slightly drying and tug on the lips, so I would recommend applying a lip balm beforehand. Once it is on, it will last all day - I have worn this for a day out and then gone out in the evening with only a couple of touch ups. 

For lovers of lip liner, the MAC Heroine would be a great match for it and I will definitely be purchasing to achieve a more polished lip (but I couldn't part with the cash at the time!).

Recently, I have been feeling great with blogging and getting so much support! I have gained a few followers and have been getting such lovely comments - so I have decided to host a giveaway for you gorgeous lot!

I would like to give away ONE MAC LIPSTICK OF YOUR CHOICE to one lucky lady. Here are the rules:

  • You must follow Je Suis Cat on Bloglovin
  • You may choose whichever lipstick you like, but it must be in stock on the MAC website (you can see their collection here)
  • The giveaway is open internationally and will last 14 days
  • For extra entries, you can follow me on Twitter or Instagram if you like!
  • There will be one winner chosen at random, I will email/tweet the winner when the competition ends

Enter below:

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If you would like a bit of MAC inspiration, have a look at my post about my favourite MAC lipsticks! I would love to know which one you would choose :)

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BEAUTY | On the Go


Any make-up lover will have go to items which they will simply never be without. I personally try to keep the products I carry round with me to a minimum - just the essentials. Here is what I have with me everywhere I go:
  1. Pressed Powder

    An absolute essential for me to take out and about is a compact pressed powder. It is a great product for the odd touch up during the day and obviously means you can use the 'Just going to powder my nose' excuse (not that I have ever said this in my life). If foundation is starting to look a bit sparce or a bit of shine is showing through, a small brush of powder can usually sort this out with not too much effort. This Sephora powder I have also has quite a large mirror inside which is very useful and means you don't have to carry a separate mirror. Bonus!

  2. Powder Brush

    Most of the time, powder compacts come with some kind of small brush or sponge within the packing but they are generally awful. I can't remember the last time I used the applicator which came with a product. This means that if you want to carry a powder, you will need a brush. There are lots of 'easy to carry' brushes and for me, the best ones are those with a lid so the brush doesn't get dirty in your bag (have you ever looked at the crap that sits at the bottom of your bag?). Mine I got from Sephora with the powder but the Real Techniques retractable Kabuki brush is a great alternative.

  3. Seventeen Concealer

    I like to carry round a heavy duty concealer with me most of the time just in case a pesky blemish pops up or the under eyes are looking a bit worse for wear. The Seventeen phwoarr Paint is perfect for this. It is very thick and definitely covers up any spots or blemishes on the face. I wouldn't really recommend this for everyday wear but it is great to pop in your bag as it comes in very small packaging and has a mirror inside!

  4. Lipstick

    As a lipstick lover, I am never caught without a few lipsticks in my bag (I once found 8 in one bag...). I think it is always worth carrying a nude, everyday lipstick and also a bright lipstick just in case you end up doing something a bit more special than planned! Lovers of lipgloss may also want to carry one but for me, lipsticks are always better. The shade I have in the photo is the Rimmel Kate in 08.
Some other little bits I may carry round with me every now and then are a good lip balm (my all time favourite is the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream - a saviour for dry lips), a clear nail varnish (a must have for laddered tights or chipped nails) and a black eyeliner for a touch up!

What products do you take with you everywhere?

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OOTD | Parc Guell


T-Shirt - Topshop
Skirt - Primark
Sunglasses - Topshop
Choker - Topshop
Shoes - Primark
Rucksack - House of Fraser

For anyone thinking of going to Barcelona, Parc Guell is a must see. The incredible views of the city (as seen in the bottom photo) and the beautiful Gaudi designs throughout the park are definitely worth the intense uphill walk to get there!

I went for a simple outfit for the day trip which is made by the gorgeous colour of the skirt and pattern of the t-shirt. Paisley is such a lovely delicate pattern and you can't beat it in purples and pinks! This skirt comes in a few different colours (I have three of them...) and it is such a simple style it can be worn all the time. 

The accessories I put with this outfit are what make it for me. The quirky octagonal sunglasses are a great buy from Topshop along with a small gold choker. I have loved seeing people wearing chokers - fantastic flashback to the 90s - but I didn't really think they would suit me. That is until I found this little gem which is a bit more subtle.

Have you been to Parc Guell? What did you think of it?

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WISHLIST | Halloween with Topshop


8. Pleated Midi Skirt, all Topshop

Halloween is one of my favourite festive occasions of the year (after Christmas, obviously) mainly because I am a sucker for fancy dress. I love dressing up and, even better, I love seeing other people's costumes. In the past, I have dressed up as a bumble bee, a cat (creative), Alice in Wonderland and zombie Barbie to name a few but I STILL haven't thought of a costume for this year so I thought I would have a look for some inspiration. The best place I found, strangely, was Topshop. They have loads of Halloween themed clothing and accessories this year and some of it is amazing! (and also very wearable for after the holiday). 

First up is this gorgeous navy blue velvet playsuit which could be worn as a costume but is also very Christmas/wintery so is not just a one off. I think a great idea would be to wear it with a button up white shirt, ribbons in your hair and scary doll make-up (like this from Zoe Newlove - amazing!). This Lurex Crop Tee is full of glittery goodness and also comes in a few colours to make the perfect witch/fairy outfit. The final clothing item which is incredible (but maybe not as practical outside of Halloween) is this bright orange midi skirt. I mean, if anyone was thinking of a high-fashion pumpkin costume (because that's a thing) here is your statement piece.

Onto a couple of accessories, these bat tights would go with and make any outfit a bit more spooky if you prefer the more subtle Halloween references (and would be gorgeous with the playsuit). A classic costume would be a black cat if you are running out of ideas or would prefer something simple. Just pop these ears on, draw some whiskers and a nose with a bit of black eyeliner and you are ready to go!

I definitely think one of the most interesting things about Halloween is the make-up looks. I have seen a few amazing sugar skull tutorials which I am eager to try out... A deep purple lip is something which would look great with basically any costume and is also the perfect winter colour so, unlike black, you could wear it again and again. Match it up with a purple nail like this gorgeous colour 'Middle Child' (yeah I don't get it either). Finally, some black glitter could take a normal outfit into something very festive so is worth getting your hands on!

I would love to hear what you are all dressing up as for Halloween, please give me some ideas!!
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OOTD | Little Red Dress


Dress - Urban Outfitters
Necklace - H&M
Rucksack - House of Fraser
Shoes - Vans

Another Barcelona post for you from an evening out...

I think everyone should have a little red dress in their wardrobe. There's something great about wearing the colour red - it looks great on all skin tones and really brightens up an outfit. This is my personal favourite. I love the pattern and the fit and it is great for all occasions. 

I have a few more posts from Barcelona which will be in no way relevant to the current weather but hoping to get back on track with posts soon after an incredibly busy week at work! 

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