My Favourite High Street Lipsticks

Rimmel Kate Matte 107 | Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Happy Nude Year | Body Shop Colour Crush in 335 | Maybelline Color Drama in Keep it Classy

Lipsticks are my one true vice, I can't say no to a good lipstick. What a relief it is when you find out that a lipstick you have fallen in love with is below £10 and won't break the bank! I love my MAC lipsticks as much as the next person but I also can't resist a bargain. The high street cosmetics market has improved so much over the past year and I am convinced that you can find lipstick in Boots which are just as nice as those on the luxury counters. I was very tricky to pick my favourites out of my ridiculous collection, but I finally cut it down to 4...
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A Wearable Orange Eye

MAC Coppering | Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

For Autumn, I am all over the orange or copper eye. I think it is an absolutely beautiful shade to wear on your eyelids and it can really brighten the eyes as well as standing out! Sometimes, such a bright colour can be a bit intimidating so I will talk you through how I got this really wearable Autumn orange eye...
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Some Lush Favourites

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Instagram Roundup #2

1/ Brioche and emails in bed - no complaints here
2/ Autumn is definitely here and I am embracing boots and suede
3/ What's the point in making money if you can't recklessly spend it all at the MAC counter...
4/ Can't stay away from my Primark striped tee at the moment
5/ I refuse to drink anything apart from hot chocolate with a flump in it (this may be a lie)
6/ Selfie qween
7/ Absolutely in love with this palette
8/ Looking after this adorable lump of fur made my life
9/ The best burger ever from The York in Sheffield. Take me back...



A Makeup Clear Out

Sometimes your makeup collection can get a bit out of hand, especially if you are a beauty lover such as myself. Over the past few weeks, I have noticed my makeup drawer bursting at the seams and needed to do something about it! But how do you decide what to keep and what to throw away? There's always that niggling feeling that maybe you will want to use something in the future or maybe something will come back on trend. I have made myself some rules for throwing makeup away and of course, I would love to share them!
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