LIFESTYLE | Snow Photo Diary


A few of my favourite photos from my recent walk in the snow.

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WISHLIST | Lusting After Suede


Suede Front Shift Dress - Topshop, Foldover Clutch - ASOS, Purple Skirt - H&M, Zip Skirt - Topshop, Heeled Sandals - ASOS, Fringed Leather Jacket - Zara

It feels like forever since I have done a wishlist, so I thought I'd put one together to get me back in the swing of it. Hopefully I can start doing them a bit more often (although they do make me want to spend all of my money). Today I've gone for one of my favourite trends of the moment - suede. With the 70s revival in full swing, suede is most definitely back and although it is a bit pricier than other material, it is worth investing in some key pieces this season.

For a more low-key look, this Topshop shift dress is absolutely beautiful and would look so chic as work wear and can also be worn to parties or nights out (but stay clear of the red wine!). If you want your suede to be worn daily, a bag is a great way to work it in. I have chosen this lovely clutch from ASOS but there are hundred of gorgeous bags available in suede which may be a bit more every day (I recommend checking out Zara). Another more subtle nod to the suede trend would be a pair of shoes - everyone has suede shoes, right? These ASOS heels are gorgeous and because they are black they can be worn with everything. You could even go full hippie and add some flares and a bright patterned shirt if you're feeling brave!

The more out-there pieces which may be for the more daring suede lover include this incredible purple skirt from H&M. The colour is fabulous and would be a statement in any wardrobe, whilst still being appropriate going into spring and summer. Skirts are my favourite suede items and I am looking into getting one like this Topshop piece. The colour and shape are lovely and the zip detail makes it look a bit more special. Finally, something which I would love to have the confidence to wear, is this fringed jacket from Zara. My face turned into the heart eyes emoji when I saw this on their website and it just had to be included. Being black makes it much more wearable and it would look gorgeous in summer with a floaty patterned dress.

Are you loving suede this season? Which pieces are you lusting after?

Sidenote: whoops the fringed jacket was just added to my basket...

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BEAUTY | My Makeup Storage


Since getting a computer desk in my room I've tried to re-arrange my everyday make up collection to try and have a bit of a dressing table area and thought I'd share how everything is organised! Maybe give you a few tips...

1. Mirror

An obvious essential on anyone's dressing table/computer desk...

2. Favourite Perfumes

Marc Jacobs perfumes have always been my everyday go-to's and I am currently no different! I think I have tried most of them in the past but at the moment I am switching between Daisy Dream and Dot (don't make me choose a favourite)

3. Micellar Water

Usually in the evenings, I use the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish to remove my make-up, but for evenings when I want to get it done quickly or mornings when I have a stubborn bit of mascara left on the lashes - the Garnier Micellar Water is my best friend. It takes away every trace of make-up from and doesn't dry your face out like some toners or wipes.

4. Face Products

In the first of my little Ikea pots (absolute Godsend) are the face products which I use most days. The main one to mention is the Benefit Porefessional which I'm sure you've heard is incredible. Keeping that company is my Body Shop Eye Reviver Duo which keeps me looking fresh in the mornings, and my Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer.

5. Brushes

Sorry about the state of the brushes here they are in need of a bit of a wash! As you can see most of my brushes are Real Techniques which are my personal favourites for everyday use. I think I have most of the main collection including a mixture of face and eye brushes. Also in there are a few No7 eyeshadow brushes, a MAC foundation brush and the EcoTools eye duos.

6. Eye Products

My favourite of the three pots (unnecessary fact for you there) is the one with my eye products in. I am a big lover of eyeliner and mixing it up with eye makeup so there are quite a few bits in here! 

Firstly, I have my mascara's. I switch between the Benefit They're Real and Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde which are both amazing (go for the Bourjois if you are on a bit of a budget). Onto eyeliners I have my new favourite liquid eyeliner the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner which is literally life-changing and also a few Rimmel Scandaleyes kohl liners. Also in there I have some eyeshadow sticks from Rimmel, Makeup For Ever and Max Factor.

7. Everyday skincare and products

On the top of the drawers I keep the skincare which I want to keep at hand. This includes an everyday moisturiser, my La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo and a Benefit Eye cream. 

8. Lip Products

Anyone who reads my blog will know that I am rarely seen without lipstick and with an every growing collection, I had to invest in some new storage to keep them organised and easy to find. I headed straight to Muji - the beauty bloggers haven - and picked up some clear drawers which are perfect. Instead of organising them in colour, I prefer to keep all the same brands together so I have my MACs, Revlon Lip Butters, Bourjois Velvet Mattes, Maybelline Color Drama Pencils etc. all kept together. 

How do you arrange your makeup? I'd love a few more ideas!

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OOTD | Office Appropriate


Jumper - New Look, Skirt - New Look (similar), Boots - Primark

As a fashion lover who also works full time in an office, I am sometimes restricted in what I can wear to work. Considering I work five days a week I am basically always in work wear. Because of this I am constantly trying to find clothes which I can wear both in the office and outside of work when I can style it up a bit more! 

This skirt is most definitely one of these pieces. Styled like I have with these photos, with a plain black polo neck jumper and black boots, I wouldn't stand out in a (boring) office environment. However, because it is quite on trend at the moment - hello, Clueless - I can also make it more interesting on the weekends with a bit of colour thrown in and a leather jacket. 

A bit of a boring look for me today but I thought it was worth showing you what I actually wear most days as all the looks I usually put on here are definitely more dressed up and how I would ideally like to dress every day.

What do you wear to work? Do you think it restricts your wardrobe?

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LIFESTYLE | January Music Picks


After my recent hiatus, I thought I'd try something a bit different and give you an insight into the music I've been listening to. Like everyone else in the world, I love music and finding new bands and artists to listen to. Here are my favourites which have been getting me through my days at work for the past month...

Angel Olsen

Angel Olsen is someone who I rediscovered the past month or two and she has regularly been put on 'Repeat All'. She has one of the most unique and incredible voices I have ever heard and I always find myself wailing along in the car (not pretty). Acrobat and Hi-Five are my favourite songs at the moment and they are a very welcome addition to my 'chill' playlist. Plus, hello? She's flipping gorgeous.

Wolf Alice

Wolf Alice are another band who are a bit more chilled (been feeling the relaxed vibes to get me through the mess that is January) but also really cheerful. They have a bit of a grungey-pop sound which I adore and also an incredible vocalist in Ellie Rowsell. I can't wait to see them live at the end of March and in the mean time I will be playing Bros and Storms to death.

Catfish & The Bottlemen

A bit of an obvious choice, everyone has been loving Catfish and the Bottlemen over the past few months. But since finding out I will be going to see them in November (little bit of a wait...) at Brixton Academy I have been listening to their album, The Balcony (especially Hourglass and Cocoon), over and over again. They have such a great sound which is unlike most other rock bands about at the moment (if that's even a thing any more). Also, their hair game is v. strong it must be said.

Laura Marling

Laura Marling has been one of my favourite artists ever since I was 15 and relating to every word that came out of her mouth on her first EP. Her voice is the most mesmerising sound and her lyrics are good enough to regularly bring me to tears and re-evaluate my life (yes, this is a good thing). January brought two new singles from this lovely lady, Short Movie and False Hope, and I have fallen in love all over again. If you know what's good for you, go and have a listen.

Best Friends

This is a band who I discovered in my time at Sheffield Uni and I loved them and started jumping around and dancing straight away (nothing to do with the excess of gin which was consumed). I may have been experiencing slight post-uni-I'm-an-adult-now-how-depressing-depression this month and Best Friends brought back some excellent memories. They are something a bit different and if you like good alternative party music I would suggest listening to Golden Mile or Surf Bitches (the video is worth watching alone).

What have you been listening to this month? Please let me know if you have any great music recommendations you think I would like, I love finding new bands! :)

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OOTD | Back in Gingham


Top - New Look, Skirt - New Look, Coat - Primark, Boots - Primark

I'm baack...

Again, so sorry for the massive gaps between posts but as we speak I am writing up and scheduling lots of posts to go out over the next few weeks just in case I don't manage to get them done in time. I have been super busy with work, blog designs, preparing to move and catching up with friends (alright, popular) so have barely had time to relax let alone blog. All as well as going through a horrendous wardrobe crisis, it has been very difficult to get photos and posts done. Has anyone else been through this?

Luckily, last weekend the lovely Alex came to my rescue and we arranged a big day of blogging! This has become a bit of a staple outfit for me recently - not too out there but still put together. I'm having a bit of a New Look love in at the moment. Their collection of basic crop tops and patterned a-line skirts have become my absolute favourites. The coat I bought a while ago (£10 - bargain) but haven't braved wearing it because I was a bit worried it drowned me but now I won't be seen without it.

Hopefully I'll have a few more posts for you this week. Thank you so much to all my followers who have kept reading and commenting and keeping me going!

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