LIFESTYLE | Travel Bucket List


So far, I haven't really had much opportunity to travel, although it is something I would love to do. I have had quite a few holidays and city breaks but there are so many places I would love to explore around the world. I'd love to share with you my top 3 destination on my Travel Bucket List to give you an insight into the places I love to visit and also maybe inspire you!

Tokyo, Japan

A place which I'm sure is on most people's bucket list - Toyko, Japan seems like such a gorgeous, vibrant city with so much to explore. I have wanted to visit Tokyo ever since watching Lost in Translation (a cliche, I know) and I constantly dream of roaming the bustling streets, browsing the colourful clothing stores and, of course, stuffing my face with sushi. Not only is Toyko a fabulous and busy city, but it contains some of the most beautiful parks in the world to relax in. 

Things I would love to do:

  • Take the Tokyo Great Cycling tour - see all of the sights plus some hidden places only known by locals all whilst enjoying a lovely bike ride in the sun!
  • Visit Sensoji Temple - a beautiful Japanese landmark which helps you soak up the culture that surrounds you
  • Eat. Everything. - I ADORE Japanese food. I could eat it every day for the rest of my life. I'd love to go to one of the many Michelin star restaurants in Tokyo but also try the little obscure cafes which sell the best food you could eat

Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik is another place which I would love to visit. As an incredible pale person who burns from any contact with the sunlight, Iceland seems like the perfect holiday destination for me (much to my sun-loving boyfriend's dismay...). Although, it is not only the climate which appeals to me - there is so much I would love to do and see here. The city itself is so pretty and picturesque with lovely colourful houses and has a fantastic nightlife as well as great Scandinavian design features.

Things I would love to do:

  • Go whale watching - this is something I have actually done before in Boston, but in Iceland it is a whole different experience. You see so much wildlife including Minke and Humpback whales, dolphins and porpoises (it is also one of my dreams to see an orca in the wild)
  • Visit the hot springs - Iceland is sat on a hot pocket on the Earth which results in lovely hot water in springs and geysers which I would love to visit as you definitely don't find this in England, home to the coldest sea in the world (don't quote me on that)
  • See the Northern Lights - again, this is probably on everyone's must-do list, but it would be such an incredible experience I had to include it

Seattle, USA

A few years ago, I did a little bit of travelling along the East Coast of America (Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC) and it was incredible so I would love to try the West Coast next time I visit. Seattle seems like the perfect city to start in with so many things to do, amazing food (it's all about the food) and not far away from beautiful scenery. I'm also a big fan of American sports, especially baseball and American football, so I would have to take the time to go to a game.

Things I would love to do:

  • Go to the observation deck of the Space Needle - the most recognised landmark in the Seattle skyline, the Space Needle is a must see. Even though I am a bit of a wimp and can't deal with heights, this is an opportunity which I couldn't turn down
  • Visit Jimi Hendrix's grave - is this the most morbid thing ever? Well I would still love the visit this amazing memorial to one of the greatest guitarists who ever lived and one of my favourites
  • Eat. Everything. - are we sensing a common theme here? Seattle is well known for it's seafood, being on the Pacific coast and is home to some of the best restaurants in the world

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BEAUTY | Lip Shades for Spring


MAC - Impassioned | Maybelline Color Drama - Love My Pink | Soap & Glory Gloss Stick - Nudist | Topshop Velvet Lips - Blood Orange

I am, without doubt, a lipstick lover. I just do not feel myself without some sort of colour on my lips and now we are in Spring and coming up to Summer, the shades which we wear are bound to change. Ditch the dark reds and plums and whip out the bright pinks and corals. These are my favourite lip shades for Spring/Summer and a few tips how you can choose yours.

The New Red

Winter for me was all about a deep, blue toned reds (think MAC Russian Red and Rimmel 107). Moving into Spring, a more summery red is an orange toned red. My favourite is the Topshop Velvet Lips in Blood Orange which is a fantastic liquid lipstick which dried as a matte finish. The colour is a lot better suited to summer and will look gorgeous with dresses and sandals! Also, the formula can be a bit drying which means I can never wear it in winter but with the weather a bit warmer it is no longer a problem!

Go Matte

As mentioned before, now the weather is a bit warmer, a matte finish will not be as drying so you don't have to paste on the lip balm to wear it. My favourite matte lipstick collection is the Maybelline Color Drama Velvet Pencils. A fantastic shade to wear in summer is Love My Pink which is a fabulous, bright pink which would add a wow factor to any make up look.

A Summer Nude

Ooh-er... You may have seen in one of my earlier posts that nude lipsticks are something which I often struggle with. For me, a bright lip is just much more appealing! Recently, I've got a bit more into them and for me, the best one for the warmer weather is the Soap & Glory Gloss Stick in Nudist. A gloss is great to add a bit of colour but doesn't require too much effort so you can wear it on the beach or at a festival.

The Token MAC Shade

In any lipstick post, I can't help but add in a MAC lipstick. For spring, I love to wear the only MAC shade which I have repurchased, MAC Impassioned which is a vibrant coral/pink colour in an Amplified finish which mean it is not at all drying but lasts longer than the usual satin finish.

I hope you liked my favourite spring lip shades. What do you reach for when it gets a bit warmer?

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ASOS Summer Footwear Shoes Haul

Black Loafers | Brown Brogues | Black Suede Boots

I recently experienced a bit of a crisis with my shoes. The heel on my favourite flats came off, the sole of my staple black boots came away from the top, some really old pairs started to hurt my feet and finally, my favourite ever Primark Chelsea boots just became unwearable (RIP old friends). Queue an absolute panic when I realised I had only one pair of shoes which I could wear to work and then I was only left with trainers or heels (not ok).

I took myself over to the ASOS website which is my favourite place to buy shoes. They are always gorgeous styles, very affordable and as a VIP member, the next day delivery came in very handy. I went for a few classic, wearable pairs which would be perfect for work and also weekends. Firstly, the black loafers which are so comfy and perfect for workwear. They are one of the only pairs of shoes which I have been able to wear straight away without any painful blisters or aches (I have the most awkward feet in the world). Next, I loved the look of these brown brogues with cut out detail. I thought they would be perfect for summer in any situation. Finally, the suede boots. As a self-professed black boot addict, I noticed these straight away. They have a small heel which is perfect for me for wearing during the day and also a fab elastic detail on the top of the boot which makes them incredibly easy to wear.

I highly recommend ASOS footwear and can't thank them enough for pulling me out of my crisis!

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OOTD | Patterns and Tan Leather


Dress (worn as top) - H&M, Skirt - Primark, Necklace - H&M, Boots, ASOS, Bag - Topshop

So, it's official. I've found my favourite print ever. I mean ever. It was actually love at first sight when I spotted this dress in the H&M window. After rummaging around the already well-rummaged collection dedicated to this gorgeous floral/polka dot/bright pattern, I luckily found the last of this dress in my size! I know, it was meant to be. Unfortunately, as I am slightly on the short side (read: not slightly at all) the dress is just way too long. So until I get time to whip the sewing kit out, it is being worn as a top with various skirts.

I've paired it with my staple black skater skirt and black boots combo as well it this beautiful, buttery leather weekend bag from Topshop which was an absolute steal in the sale (£35, eeee).

Quick life update: my new job is going incredibly well, my new flat is fabulous, when it's not flooded (another time) and my blog designs are very much on the go! Hope you are all well :)

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OOTD | Khaki


Ribbed Crop Top - Topshop, Shorts - Topshop, Boots - Primark, Coat - Urban Outfitters

I love a good walk in the countryside, there is nothing more relaxing. Although I live in quite a busy area with not many places to go walking, my family live in a small village in the Midlands so every time I visit, I have to take the opportunity to have a wander around.

I'm looking very tired in these photos which is most likely the result of having to wake up before 9 o'clock on a weekend (sacrilege). Here I am rocking the most beautiful pair of shorts I have ever seen with my eyes in this incredible multi-coloured block pattern. They are so pretty and the elastic waistband makes them so comfy! (please excuse the old person comment). Obviously my trusty parka had to come along with me as I am lost without it.

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BEAUTY | My Everyday Eye Shadows


Collection Work the Colour Eye Palette in Nude, Naked 3 Palette, Maybelline Colour Tattoo Cream Eyeshadow in Permanent Taupe, Creamy Beige and Pink Gold (L-R)

Eyeshadow is something which I have always shied away from as it has always been a bit of a scary concept for me. When I was about 13, I heavily invested in the Barry M dazzle dusts which made me look a bit like a contestant in a baby beauty pageant (read: terrifying). There are so many colours, finishes and types of eyeshadow and a slip of the hand can cause a pretty scary looking faux black eye... However, after watching many a youtube video and being given the Real Techniques eye brush set as a gift, I figured I should maybe dive into the world of eyeshadow. 

My first dip into eyeshadow about a year ago was the Collection Work the Colour Eye Palette in Nude. The colours are lovely, cool tones nudes which are perfect for creating an everyday smokey eye and even a dramatic brown evening look. It even has a handy little diagram on the back to let you know where to put what. I love using the middle ones in the first and second column with a tiny dab of one of the darker shades to create a bit of depth for a subtle but nice looking work look.

Secondly is my first big investment in eyeshadow - the Naked 3 Palette. I decided to go for this one as pink toned colours really suit my pale pink toned skin and it was also something different to what I already had. I saw some lovely looks created with this palette on various blogs and decided to try them out. Straight away I fell in love with this tin full of rosey goodness. My favourite combo is a bit of Buzz with Nooner in the crease.

Last but definitely not least are a product which you will no doubt have seen in the beauty blogging world - the Maybelline Colour Tattoos. I first picked one of these up after seeing the gorgeous Pink Gold shade and thinking that they would be incredibly easy to use. I was definitely right, I just use my fingers to apply these and gently tap the colour onto my eyelid. The colours are very buildable and can be worn lightly as a base or built up to look more intense. The other colours which I love to wear are Permanent Taupe and Creamy Beige to add a bit of colour to the eyes without much effort at all.

These are the eye shadows which I use on a day to day basis to create a range of looks for different occasions. What are your most used eye shadows? Have you tried any of these?

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