FASHION | H&M Jewellery Haul

Round Pendant Necklace | Crystal Pendant Necklace (Similar) | 6 Pack Plain and Pearl Rings | 2 Pairs Earrings

H&M is my go to for jewellery. Unfortunately, I am a person who will either break or lose most jewellery I have so H&M is the perfect place for nice looking but cheap necklaces, earrings, bracelets etc. As you can see, I am a big fan of gold accessories and they have a fantastic range. It is most likely that if you have a look around the store, there will be a few pieces that you will fall in love with! This is what happened to me...

I started out looking at the necklaces. My style for jewellery is mainly very minimal and simplistic so I like to look for thin chains with nice small pendants. I loved the look of this round pendant which spins inside the ring around it (lovely little detail) and the large crystal. I would recommend checking the clasps of the jewellery before purchasing because I have found sometimes they can be a bit stiff and be difficult to open (I guess you can't complain if you're paying £1.99 for a necklace!)

Another amazing area to look is the rings. Again, I prefer the simple style and these perfectly fit the bill. Three plain thin gold rings and three with tiny pearls on the top, all in various sizes so some can be worn as midi rings. Finally, H&M is the best place to buy earrings in my opinion, mainly because they seem to be the only place which still have butterfly clips which are the only ones which don't irritate my ears! The hanging triangle earrings are great to add a bit of glam to an outfit and the studs I have been wearing ever since I bought them. It is difficult to see from the photo but they are cute little hexagons.

All of this came to less than £10 which is amazing if you ask me!

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Je Suis Cat MAC Beauty Blogger Haul Velvet Teddy

MAC Satin Taupe | MAC Coppering | MAC Pro Palette x 2 | MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW10 | MAC Velvet Teddy | MAC Whirl

I may have treated myself slightly after pay day... During a casual stroll around the Selfridges Beauty Hall in Manchester I found myself drawn to the MAC counter. I tend to gravitate just to lipsticks but this time I fancied tried a few different things (as well as a new lipstick, obviously).

My one repurchase is the Studio Fix Fluid. Any pale girl will know that this is the MAC foundation to go for if you want to avoid the slightly orange tinged look. It has great coverage and it is the only foundation I have found which is a perfect match for my poor white face.

Having only recently starting to use eyeshadows, I decided I wanted to try some of the much hyped MAC single shadows. After falling in love with two very different shades - Satin Taupe and Coppering - I decided to get a Pro Palette to house them instead of buying the separate shadows. Coppering is a bold copper (duh) shade which is very buildable and Satin Taupe has become my go to every day shade, especially for work. 

On to lips, the Whirl lip liner was a complete last minute purchase as I saw it abandoned next to the till and decided to give it a try on a whim. It is a gorgeous dark, pink toned nude shade which I love wearing with MAC Twig or even on it's own with some lip balm underneath. Finally, the lipstick. I'm sure everyone has heard of Velvet Teddy, made famous by the 'Kylie Jenner lip'. Whilst browsing the dream counter of MAC lipsticks I had a sneaky peek in one of the drawers and saw masses of Velvet Teddy goodness - a shade which is mostly sold out - and obviously had to pick it up (beauty blogger logic). 

What are your favourite MAC products? Would love some recommendations for my next Selfridges visit...

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OOTD | Vintage Denim

Jacket - Urban Outfitters | T-Shirt - New Look | Skirt - New Look | Vans - Office | Bag - Primark | Necklace - H&M

I finally got my photographer/boyfriend back from his holiday (without me, ahem) and couldn't wait to get out and shoot some outfits. Now it's getting a bit warmer I'm finally introducing some colour into my wardrobe and trying to stay away from the black boots, it's quite the struggle.

I'm continuing my love in with denim by pulling this old favourite vintage oversized jacket out from the back of the wardrobe. It's the perfect summer jacket for me. Paired with a New Look contrast trim t-shirt and a-line patterned skirt, I'm definitely feeling the 70s trend at the moment. If you're a fan too, I would definitely check New Look out, I picked up some great bits recently they have certainly stepped their game up!

Blogging has been easier for me recently, I've been loving it! Hope you've been enjoying the new posts, expect much more...

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BEAUTY | Party Ready Eyes

Sleek Vintage Romance Palette | Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion | Optrex Eye Spray* | Bourjois Twist Up the Volume Mascara | Optrex Sparkling Eyedew*

Today I thought I'd share with you a few of my absolute essentials when it comes to a perfect party eye look. When sorting out a make up look for going out, my base it always easy peasy, just crack out the MAC Studio Fix, and lips are never an issue with an ever-growing collection of lipsticks. For me, the struggle is an eye look.

Enter the most perfect party eyeshadow palette I have ever met - the Sleek Vintage Romance Palette. It includes a gorgeous range of shades from stunning golds and silvers to beautiful purples and blues. You can create hundreds of looks (probably) with these shades and it has become my go to for a night out. Obviously, this must be paired with my trusty holy grail Urban Decay Primer Potion to keep your shadow in place through wind and storm (and dancing to Beyonce in a sweaty nightclub..). My mascara of choice is the Bourjois Twist Up the Volume which I recently picked up and haven't put down since.

Since the age of 14, I have been a daily contact lens wearer which causes me a huge amount of grief when going out in the form of dry eyes. I always keep an Optrex eye spray with me which is a quick and incredibly effective solution. Just spray onto closed eyes and you will feel fresh as a daisy instantly and back into the party mood! For non-contact wearers, to give your eyes a fab sparkle, the Sparkling Eyedew is for you. Warning: do not use this with contact lenses! Something I nearly learnt the hard way...

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FASHION | Debenhams Bra Fit and Lingerie

Floozie by Frost French Pink Two Tone Lace Bra* | Floozie by Frost French Pink Two Tone Brazilian Briefs* both by Debenhams

Early apologies if this post is a bit TMI...

As a generally awkward person, a bra fitting is something which frankly terrifies me. I imagine a large, scary looking woman shouting at me to remove items of clothing whilst I silently sob in the corner. Obviously, it's not like this at all which is something I discovered by trying out Debenhams Bra Fit Service in Manchester.

The woman who was helping me out was very lovely and not at all scary and she made everything very easy. I had to wait a few minutes for her to be free (the service is obviously very popular) but when it was my turn, she only took a few minutes to do the fitting itself and then was very helpful in choosing some bras which would be perfect for my size.

Being the pickiest person in the world, I have a very specific taste when it comes to lingerie. I hate padded bras, I need stretchy and thick straps, I'm not a huge fan of pattern etcetera, etcetera. After a quick look online, I found the perfect set from Floozie by Frost French. Meets all my incredible specific requirements and was great for those on a budget! The colour is beautiful and thanks to the Bra Fit, the size was perfect. I will definitely shop in Debenhams for lingerie more often as this is perfect for me and I couldn't recommend the Bra Fit service more.

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