WISHLIST | Autumn is Coming

Suede Dress | Roll Neck Jumper | Suede Coat | Leather Skirt | Platform Ankle Boots

Just a quick wishlist as I realised I haven't done one in so long. I realise I should have named this one 'GIVE ME ALL THE SUEDE' and this is also basically my shopping mantra at the moment. As soon as summer hits us, I am already looking forward to buying more boots and coats so I'm so glad that time is finally here. I adore the new AW15 collections that have been released and I am happier than ever that the 70s is here to stay for the time being.

Firstly, can we just address this gorgeous suede dress from Topshop. I would absolutely love to get my hands on this and I think it is a beautiful AW staple. It can be worn at work with a shirt underneath or shopping with a nice coat or on it's own for a night out (just don't be spilling any drinks!). Next is another Topshop piece in this green roll neck jumper. The colour of this is amazing and lovely for Autumn and I think it would look amazing with some skinny jeans.

Away from Topshop and over to H&M for this gorgeous suede camel coloured coat which is so cool and a great style. I must admit I would be terrified to wear it out where I live as it can start raining at any given moment but it is beautiful. I have confessed my love for New Look in the past and they are continuing to impress me, especially with their skirts. I love this maroon leather skirt, mainly for the colour but also the style is so lovely.

Finally, on to the boots of dreams from trusty ASOS, you just can't beat a good 70s platform boot and these are perfect. The shape of these are great and I love the wooden platform heel.

Hope I have given you some inspiration for Autumn style! Let me know what you want to get your hands on.

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BEAUTY | My Festival Makeup Bag

Tomorrow, I am heading to Leeds Festival which I am ridiculously excited for. It is a few years since I have been to a festival and that was slightly tainted by the fact I had flu the whole time. There are loads of bands I can't wait to see and I love the atmosphere at Leeds.

My biggest struggle so far has been the packing. After shoving in all the wet wipes, bin bags and Primark dresses which I don't mind getting muddy, I then had to figure out what to take in my make up bag. Unfortunately, I don't have the confidence to go make up free at a festival but I also didn't want to take any of my best cosmetics.

First of all, the base. I decided to take my trusty L'Oreal Infallible 24H Foundation because it lasts all day, has relatively good coverage and also has SPF 18 which is great for standing in a big field for 4 days! I also have the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer and my favourite Rimmel Stay Matte powder. All high street picks which are very easily replaceable if they happen to get misplaced or broken in the tent.

On to the eyes, I was tempted to take an eyeshadow palette but in all honesty, I could not be bothered with the effort. I decided instead to take some cream eyeshadows which are perfect for just throwing on to add a bit of colour to the eyelid. On top of these, I will wear my Kat Von D Tattoo Liner which I can not live without. It is currently on it's last legs and drying up a bit so I was planning on replacing it soon anyway. A couple more staples are a great mascara which lasts all day and doesn't run and a quick and easy eyebrow pencil.

Finally, my lipsticks! I really don't want to take any of my favourite high end lipsticks again for the fear of losing them, but I do not want to sacrifice a statement lip! I am taking a few of my Maybelline Color Drama Lip Pencils in a bright pink, coral and bright red shade. These are beautiful, creamy matte lip pencils which last all day and need minimal re-application.

Some people may be happy without make up at a festival but I think I have managed to keep it minimal and can create a quick and easy look without too much effort.

What would you take to a festival?

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SUNDAY SPILL | On My New Start

It's a few weeks now since I updated you on the news of me losing my job and having to start over again with a job hunt and potential career change. Since that post, my job has come to an end and I have started over in one of the most exciting steps in my life so far.

I previously mentioned that my one passion is web development (I know, so cool), something which I unfortunately haven't been educated in or worked in in the past which gave me a very low chance of getting a job. Despite this, I am quite a nifty coder and have written websites and many a blog design in the past. I decided to take the plunge and instead of looking for a new job I am now a freelance web developer and blog designer.

Before the loss of my job, my blog design business was going relatively well. I had a few custom designs to do a month and sold a fair few premade designs. It definitely meant I had a bit of spare cash at the end of the month to get myself a few new dresses or head over to the high end counters instead of going for Rimmel. Now I manage to do this full time, I am actually doing quite well! I absolutely love designing blogs for people and it's amazing to work with different bloggers every day - you're such a lovely bunch!

On the other side of things, I am preparing to start freelance web development which requires lots of work on building a portfolio and trying to find clients (the tricky bit). Unfortunately businesses are mostly not as friendly as bloggers! This side of things is a bit slower at the moment. I am generally designing and building websites for friends and family to get a bit more experience and then hopefully it'll take off more in the future.

At the moment, I am ridiculously happy. I love having my own office space to work in and it's great getting the time do more things during the day like seeing friends, quality boyf time or running little errands (the blogging is on the way). Best of all, I love what I do. There isn't a day when I don't like the work I am doing and I am making ends meet which is a lovely bonus!

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BEAUTY | Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 Palette

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 Palette



I must tell you about my new favourite eyeshadow palette. A perfect mix of matte and shimmer shadows and the perfect collection of shades for any everyday or evening look, I was so impressed when I picked up the Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 Palette. I personally had never tried anything from the very well known cosmetic brand who I regularly see in blogger favourites and on twitter and I feel like I have been missing out greatly.

I sometimes struggle to trust the quality of lower budget brands, although I have tried many amazing products which are incredible, it can be hit and miss. But seeing a 16 shadow palette including some great neutral shades as well as a copper shimmer to make any heart melt for the amazing price of £6.99 - I had to pick it up.

The packaging itself it great straight away, you can't go wrong with matte black if you ask me. First box ticked. On opening the palette you can see that the shadows are all great shades and so wearable. I couldn't see any of the shades which I thought I wouldn't get use of, even the darker ones which I tend to avoid in other palettes. Another bonus is the huge mirror that comes in the palette which is fabulous for up close and personal use - very necessary for me when applying eyeshadow and trying not to get it all over my face.

You can see from the photo that the first shades that caught my attention were the pale gold shimmer and the bright gold (Dawn and Getter), which I used together to create a gold summer smokey eye. Also the light brown shades on the top row (Must, Fade and Drama) are perfect for creating an eye contour in the crease.

For a more everyday look I have mainly been using a base shade (Luna or Enigma) with a lighter shade over the whole lid and a slightly darker shade in the crease. My favourite to pair together are Breathe and Too Grey, Need and Stage; and Dawn and Getter.

If I were to use the palette for a evening look or something a bit more glam, I tend to use an even darker shade in the outer corner of my eyelid (Addicted and Player are fantastic) and then a dark matte shade to create the effect of an eyeliner (Afflicted or Pitch).

All in all this palette is incredible and massively exceeded my expectations. Even if you only prefer lighter shades, or just a few of the colours included, the price tag definitely justifies the purchase and the quality is not too dissimilar to some high end shadows I have tried (this is no word of a lie).

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BEAUTY | Current Everyday Lip Combo

MAC Twig | GOSH Nougat Crisp

I have a confession... I am a lipstick addict. My lipstick collection is constantly climbing and because of this, I love to mix it up and wear something different as much as possible. Saying that, recently I have found a perfect lipstick/lip liner combo which I keep going back to. For me, it is a great option for wearing during the day but also dark enough to pull off for a night out.

The products I use are MAC Twig Lipstick and GOSH Nougat Crisp Lip Liner. Both I'm sure you have heard of before as they have featured on various blogs and I am so glad I picked them up. Paired together they give the perfect dark nude lip which has been so popular over the past few months. I would definitely give this a try, it is perfect if you want a nude lip with a bit of an edge.

What's your favourite lip combo?

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